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Since 2010, we've helped hundreds of businesses get the most from their technology, cloud solutions and cyber security.

Your cyber security strategy should be your #1 priority in 2022 to ensure your business does not become the next victim.

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Who are Kaine Mathrick Tech?

Many technology companies and MSPs are only scratching the surface, they recommend expensive and confusing solutions, keep strategies and tactics behind closed doors, and don’t provide any transparency around their performance.

Clients are left wondering “How do I know that you are doing what you say you are going to do and what I am paying for?”

Today, we are a leading Managed IT Services provider and strive to help you unlock the power and the promise of predictable IT services via our MSP solution.

Whether you are technical or not, you are welcome to have a complimentary session to understand how you can take your technology to the next level.

We understand as business leaders you are busy and often don’t have time to consider whether your technology is really serving you and that is why we are offering this session.  If you are interested, fill out the form and we’ll get you the details.

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"We experienced a phishing threat on one of our email accounts and KMT were proactive in responding to the breach.  They quickly identified the issue and ran a scan on our pc to ensure everything was ok.  The team went the extra mile to investigate this issue and mitigate any associated risks with such a breach."



"After forwarding a security alert from DHHS, KMT confirmed they were across the cyber threat and provided us with advice on the impact to our business.  We were confident in our decision in choosing KMT as a supplier to manage our IT infrastructure and systems."

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We have been working with KMT for a number of years now and find them to be most responsive to our needs.  They not only provide assistance on a day to day basis, but have been instrumental in bring to our attention compliance and risk mitigation factors to ensure the safety of our data.